Texas Radio Theatre 22 - Cliff Proton - Space Vikings - Part 2

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Feb 16 2008 31 mins   27
Texas Radio Theatre Company performs part two of a Cliff Proton Adventure called âThe curiously familiar space vikings from dimension Q".

By going full power in the ion trail of another ship, Cliff Proton accidentally rips open a dimensional zipper between Alpha Space (where we are) and Dimension Q. This allows the formally banished Space Vikings (also known as the Borgen) to return and attempt to take over the galaxy. Surrounded by hundreds of Borgen long ships, Cliff has no choice but to surrender. But to Cliff - surrender doesn't necessarily mean to give up. Imprisoned on the heavily guarded Borgen flagship - BS CabbagePatch he begins to devise his cunning plan for escape!

It was recorded in front of a studio audience in June of 2004.

Space Vikings was written by Richard Frohlich and produced in cooperation with the Arlington Museum of Art. Executive Producer is Shannan Frohlich. Production Manager is Ken Raney.

It featured the voice talents of Joe Berryman, Jonathan Cooper, A.J. Glendenning, David Grant, Bill Otstott, Kristen Rice, and Drew Wallace.

Live sound effects were created by Angie Payne and Hina Padihar.

Length: 31:49 min, Size: 14.9 MB

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