December 2016 - Wilderness And Environmental Medicine Live

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Dec 01 2016 60 mins   58
CME available: Wilderness & Environmental Medicine journal online: Questions/comments/feedback and/or interest in participating in WEM Live? Send an email to: [email protected] Part 1: Articles: Article 1: Pressures of Wilderness Improvised Wound Irrigation Techniques: How Do They Compare? John B. Luck, Danielle Campagne, Roberto Falcón Banchs, Jason Montoya, Susanne J. Spano Presented by author Susanne J. Spano Reviewed by Aaron Reilly Article DOI: Article 2: Management of Burn Injuries in the Wilderness: Lessons from Low-Resource Settings Cindy C. Bitter, Timothy B. Erickson Presented by author Cindy C. Bitter Reviewed by Jonathan Drew Article DOI: Part 2: Discussions from host Darryl Macias: - Rock climbing injuries. Excerpt taken from the UNM Mountain Medicine podcast ( - The new Avalanche Resuscitation Guidelines, discussed at the recent International Commission of Alpine Research. - An update on the Nepal Diploma in Mountain Medicine program.