Episode 173: Ghost Busting with Phoebe's Mom

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Aug 02 2016 87 mins   80
We all know host of the Unbelievable Podcast Phoebe Tyers….we all know she’s spiritual, kind of weird and a little loopy. But did you ever wonder where all that kookiness comes from? Turns out it runs in the family. Because today we have Phoebe’s Mom on the program to talk about her experiences with ghost, ghouls, demons, and mouth breathers and how she sends them back to the other side. FInd out the reason why an evil gypsy, a good gypsy and a channeler all agree Phoebe’s got the sight. Buy Phoebe's Mom's Book! https://www.amazon.com/set-free-typical-ghost-story-ebook/dp/B011SA1EAK/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 Answer this week's poll: http://www.unbelievablepodcast.com/post/148332716951/this-weeks-poll-what-should-you-say-to-a-ghost ------ The Unbelievable Podcast hosts today were Phoebe Tyers and me Brian Frange. Our Web Producer who runs the Facebook page is Dan Gascon, our Production Coordinator is Nikolas Eristavi, our Wiki Moderators are Michelle Durham and StarFoxMulder, our Larry Sinclair correspondent is Sharky Xmas, our official Redditor is cmp150 and our Senior Space Correspondent is SpaceChode. Special Thanks to Julie Tyers for coming on the show. And this week’s episode is brought to you by, ghost be gone breathe rite strips. Do you have a ghost in your apartment that is breathing heavily? Have you ever considered that this might be a ghost snoring? He may not even realize what he’s doing. He may even have sleep apnea. So before you hire a ghost buster grab a pack of ghost breath rite strips, apply them to your disruptive sleepy ghost and listen as the snoring turns into boring. It’s ghost breathe rite strips. (Does not work on ghosts who violently throw soup pots.)