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In this episode we will talk about: What is fear is holding you back from success? I bet it’s something as small as not having the information, ideas, or connections to succeed. I personally knew the fear that was keeping me from success. It was my fear of putting myself and my ideas out into the world. In this podcast I want to talk about my first real breakthrough when it came to making my ideas come to life. I also figured out the fear holding me back. That my breakthrough idea was called the Tailgate Spotter. Tailgate Spotter is a device that allows the driver to view the location of his tailgate on a pickup truck. A quick background story: I had a cabinet fall out of the back of my truck because the tailgate was in the down position, and I did not realize it. I had a problem, and I made and invention to solve it. Please visit www.tailgatespotter.com for details. I loved the idea, the application, and the design; but when I finalized the design, logo, and website, and it was time to present it to the public, I froze in my tracks. I didn’t want to friends, co-workers, or family to see this thing. I was scared to put my “baby” out there on the market. I thought to myself, “What’s going to happen if they see this? Will they laugh, make fun of me, or not want to be associated with me?” I know this sounds crazy, but it was the truth. I had a fear of putting myself out there. Once I identified my fear, it made it a littler easier to get over the fear. When I gained the courage to put the Tailgate Spotter on the market, everyone’s response was so positive I could not believe I was ever worried in the first place. I want to help you face your FEAR! Whether you know it already or not, you need to find it, understand it, and find ways to overcome it. Your fear might be holding you back from a new job, finding new friends, changing locations, experiencing adventure, discovering inventions, and expanding your world. Please share with the community your #1 Fear. Post it below and or leave me a voice message. I hope to compile all the fears people have and share ways that they can be overcome. [hr] In this session you’ll discover: My FearTailgate SpotterHow I overcame my fearUnderstanding the importance of believing in yourserlfOnce you put yourself out there others will want to listen. [hr] Links www.Tailgatespotter.com4 Hour Work Week [hr] [spoiler]You’re listening to Operation Self Reset with Jake Nawrocki. Now where did I put that reset button? Hello and welcome back to Operation Self Reset: the one and only place where you can change the way you think, act, and believe in yourself. Again, thank you so much for taking the time to listen to what I have to say and thank you for the responses that I have already received online, the comments, the questions, and concerns that you guys have offered to me. I appreciate the feedback and I love the communication so far. Keep it up, and this should grow into a huge community. And maybe, depending on how big it will get maybe we’ll all go to Florida and have a big party or something to celebrate this great success. I don’t know. But today I want to talk about something that is very near and dear to myself, something that I had to get over to become successful. Well, not really successful, but I will explain more in a minute, and I want to talk to you guys today about fear. What do you fear? Now, I’m not talking about the things that scare you like getting in an elevator packed with people. You know, funny quick story about any elevator. When I went to college, I stayed in the dorms and there were about 13 floors I remember in one of the complexes and I was not on this elevator, but it was a rumor that got spread around and it was in the local paper and everything like that. Some kids were traveling up and down the elevator one night and decided to get as many people as they could into the elevator. Guess how many kids that they jammed in a standard elevator? Not ten, not 15—22. There were 22