Episode 171: The Original Bigfoot Hoaxes

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Jul 19 2016 75 mins   118
The Legend of Bigfoot. Bigfoot, the preminent cryptozoological creature, the king of the monsters, the most Kanye West of mysterious creatures. He goes by many names, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Skunk Ape, and he’s been spotted many times both on film and on video tape. But is Bigfoot real? Is he a giant ape roaming the woods eating little grass niblets like a bitch. Or is he just someone’s wife in a Disney costume? We get down and dirty into the stank ass bowels of skunk ape lore and we find out once and for all! Answer this week's poll: http://www.unbelievablepodcast.com/post/147583995806/this-weeks-poll-is-bigfoot-real ---------- The Unbelievable Podcast hosts today were Phoebe Tyers and Kevin Cobbs, I’m Brian Frange. Our Web Producer who runs the Facebook page is Dan Gascon, our Production Coordinator is Nikolas Eristavi, our Wiki Moderators are Michelle Durham and StarFoxMulder, our Larry Sinclair correspondent is Sharky Xmas, our official Redditor is cmp150 and our Senior Space Correspondent is SpaceChode. This week’s buffer music was brought to you by Smiffdamista - soundcloud.com/smiffdamista. And this week’s episode is brought to you by, Ivan Marx’s Hiding Bushes. Are you a Bigfoot that just wants a little privacy but you can’t seem to find a place to hide form the leering eyes of the public? Well you’re in luck because Ivan Marx has a brand new line of hiding bush’s for nearly every occasion. With Ivan Marx’s hiding bushes you can peek out from behind a bush, you can peek out from behind another bush, you can walk behind a bush, you can walk out from behind a snowy bush, and they’re even good for Mrs. Quatch…in case she wants to peek out from behind a bush. Ivan MArx’s Hiding Bushs, only $25,000.