NPA 051: Build a Sustainable Nonprofit Board

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Dec 13 2016 48 mins   18
Building your nonprofit board of directors is some of the most important work you should. A strong board can help lead an organization to success and create credibility within the community your serve. And no one knows this as well as Laura Otten, Ph.D. from the Nonprofit Center at La Salle University. In this episode Laura talks with us on how to develop our board of directors. She points out the importance of having a systematic recruiting approach that involves reaching out to your community to find the professionals you need. She also talks about establishing a committee to help ensure the board gets regular training, is prepared for transition and remains involved in your mission. Some boards just use a nominating committee during election time, but Laura encourages the formation of a development committee to oversee and plan the growth of the board. There is a strategy to board development and this podcast will help outline a course for your own board development. Oh and one more thing. For those who are Founders, ED’s and Directors all-in-one… prepare for some sobering, but hopefully welcoming, advice. Resources Website for the Nonprofit Center at La Salle University – Email: [email protected] Social Media Links: Linkedin Facebook Twitter