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Jan 01 2017 73 mins   143
Episode 028 - The 4K Club by Cast Royale http://media.blubrry.com/cast_royale___the_clash/traffic.libsyn.com/castroyale/Episode028.mp3 This week on the show: Introductions It is 2017, and we’ve got resolutions (kind of…) Topics Electro Wizard Challenge (Joe got 12 wins!!)TheBoomMan received his first legendary from a SMC!! SPARKY!!New Card: Dart GoblinElite Barbarian Balance DiscussionClan ChestsThe 4k Club now includes the Boom Bros!Clan Discord Channel Chest Openings 1 Magical Chest from Rob. Boom. Deck Spotlight (00:44:00) ElectroBoom! (3.1 AEC) Cards: Skeleton Army, Log, Mega Minion, Fireball, Furnace, Goblin Barrel, Mirror, Electro Wizard Decksplanation: This is the deck that allowed TheboomMan to get to 12 wins in the electro wizard challenge. At the core – this deck is a zap bait deck. Most people only have one or two cards that can deal with swarms of troops. If you can bait out your opponents typical counters early, you will easily win the game. At 10 elixir, you’re going to want to drop the furnace in the middle of the arena, a few tiles in front of your king tower. The furnace has great chip damage, and will defend against your opponents offensive pushes. Once you’ve set that up, use your goblin barrel to test the waters for a zap/log. Depending on what your opponent uses, you should mirror the goblin barrel for your opponent to deal with again (only this time one level higher and will not be killed by a zap!). You can also combine the first goblin barrel with a fire ball (especially if your opponent is defending against your goblin barrel with other troops). This will allow you to get massive damage on the tower. Plus – you still have your mirror to fireball their offensive troops, OR you’ve got the skeleton army queued up and ready to go on defense. The best part about defending with the skeleton army, is that your opponent is kind of stuck saving the zap/log for your goblin barrels otherwise they get seriously punished. So – if they zap your skeleton army, punish them hard. Don’t underestimate the value of the goblin barrel – it will allow you to win the game. Also – if your opponent is super offensive, be sure to not attack the same lane they are. Splitting up your opponents big pushes will make them very easy to deal with, since they can’t really develop a push that works. If they ignore your attacks – you win the game. Goblin barrel/fireball/furance is OP! BOOM!! Oh yeah – the Electro Wiz should be used to facilitate defensive counters, and then follow up with a goblin barrel when he crosses the river. The stun/goblin combination is just… brutal. BOOM! The Best Offense Is Good Defense (3.4 AEC) [Brought to us by: Kevin D.] Cards: Furnace, eBarbs, Mega Minion, Fireball, Log, Zap, Miner, Skeleton Army Decksplanation: This deck has a lot of defensive counters. First – you’ll want to play the furnace. This will allow you to lure your opponents troops to the center of your battle field. If they don’t kill it – it will also provide some decent chip damage down the lane of your choice. The fire spirits that the furnace generates will REALLY help your elite barbarian (e-barb) pushes amazing. The support from the fire spirits will really help the e-barbs get to the tower. The mega minion is really used for support on defense. The fireball is both for offense and defense, depending on the situation of any given push. The log is used to simply help keep things off your furnace or tower; however, it can also be used very well for chip damage. The log can also be used well if you can predict a skeleton army drop (when your opponent is countering your e-barbs) and will leave them left with nothing to defend. The zap is really used to facilitate pushes, but is obviously great for defending vs. certain troops. The miner is not used that often – however, its purpose is to surpass your opponent. The skeleton army is really only used for defensive purposes. Expect it to be zapped or logged away. The Night Shift (3.4 AEC) Cards: