Episode 13 - Pebbles

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Jul 05 2016 37 mins   5
Paul and Nick take on Pebbles cereals, both Cocoa and Fruity. It's pretty funny. But it's not pretty. Topics include: Denying Pebbles Its Cerealhood; Stephen King's Cereal Mascots; Krinkles Born from Fear and Intolerance; Flintstones to the Rescue; Fred Needs His Cool Winstons; Can We Have Our Money Now?; Those Famous Bedrock Key Parties; Pebbles Burn!; Post Needs to Get into a Program; Post is the Sketchers of Cereal; We're the Sludgiest!; Clear Eyes, Full Bowls, We Lose; Why Do You Eat Like You're Running Out of Time?; Lo-Def Holiday Commercials; The Dark Places of Barney Rubble; Fruity Pebbles and Its Great Calling;