Episode 14 - Cap'n Crunch

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Jul 12 2016 40 mins   4
Paul and Nick crunch into Cap'n Crunch this week and risk slicing the roof of their mouths wide open. Anything for the pod. For the glory! Topics include: What a Beautiful More-ning; Fan Service; Drunk Tongue; What Cap'n Crunch Is Supposed to Actually Taste Like; Breaking News: Kids Like Crunchy; All Stars for the Cap'n; Demoting the Cap'n; Crunchberries Rule All; Cap'n Crunch Mouth; No, Scratch That, Peanut Butter Crunch Rules All; Keeping Flavorologists in the Guppy Brig; A Good, Strong Vanilla; Oops; Paul's One Man Show: Man Who Gets Cinnamon Roll Crunch; Stupid Uppity Cracker Jack; Oops This is the Best Party; Is Santa a Cap'n?; Military Grade Cereal Bars; Sad Boys