Episode 30 - Donuts and Donut Cereals

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Nov 03 2016 40 mins   3
Paul and Nick sink their teeth into donuts and the cereals that try to emulate a donut. Notice we don't say "doughnut" because we don't feel an "ugh" belongs anywhere near anything as lovely as a donut. Topics Include: Pop Tarts Theory Extended to Donuts; Love to All You Donuts Out There; Breakroom Donut Etiquette; Donuts are a Flat Circle; Athletes Who Retire to Sugar Comas; Donut Memories; BYOD Donut Festivals; A Fancy Donut is a Sometimes Donut; Let's Go Eat Cinnamon Bun; Breaking News!; Chocodonuts Were an Inside Job; Better Donut Cereal through Mechanical Engineering; Churro Cereal R&D; Cinnamon Rolls are Too Cinnamon Roll for This World; Cinnbon Needs More Hormones; Donut YOLO;