Ch. 6 - The Patriarchs

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In this lesson, Carson presents the Biblical account from the end of Abraham's life through the end of the Book of Genesis when all is well for the 12 tribes of Israel in Goshen, Egypt. This lesson covers the important events in the life of Isaac, then his son Jacob (who is renamed Israel by God), and finally Jacob's twelve sons, including Joseph who becomes the pharoah's chief steward or vizier. Joseph prefigures Jesus as an unjustly accused righteous man who is sold for silver, saves his kinsmen, and rises to the throne. Joseph also serves as a type of the chief steward whom Jesus appoints over his kingdom: St. Peter (Cf. Matthew 16). God reveals important things to both Joseph and Peter. Pharaoh and King Jesus ask Joseph Peter, respectively, a question regarding this revelation. Both give the revelation. This is followed by an acknowledgement that the revelation comes from God. Subsequently, Pharoah elevates Joseph to the level of vizier. Jesus elevates Peter to the level of vizier or prime minister. Pharoah gives Joseph his signet ring. Jesus gives Peter the keys to the kingdom. Yes indeed.. Genesis speaks of the papacy through the use of typology. Don't miss out on this exciting episode full of captivating details that bring the Biblical narrative to life!