The Art of Same Night Lays | TSLP 144

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Jan 28 2017 25 mins   90
SAME NIGHT LAYS Getting Sexual Faster Than This Podcast GET ALL THE GOOD STUFF – Recorded on a Men’s Development Sunday Call 
Jan 1, 2017 How do we meet a girl Sleep with her on the same night & Have Great Sex No Shame, No Regrets Only Being Proud to be a Sexual Man First thing’s first – This is a ‘Part 3 to these other Podcasts. It is best to listen to them all to get the full depth. Part 1 – Ep 142 – Part 2 – Ep 143 – They’re really necessary if you want to have that great sex life we are breaking down for you here. Every man needs to know what it is like to be able to meet a woman, talk to her for an hour or 2 (20mins-4 hours) then leave with her to have some of the best sex of their lives. This obviously sounds too good to be true, and the whole industry of Dating and Men’s Development has sold crap like this to men over and over again. Here’s the Stone Cold Truth – I have done this hundreds of times, my mentor did this hundreds of times and I have taught it to hundreds of men that have done it hundreds of times. I also teach it in a system that is easy to do and you can learn quite quickly. 
Even if your goal is not to get quick sex, this will be beneficial to any man’s dating life and as you can see it ties into TSL Podcast 142 & 143. You should also be reminded here, this isn’t just ‘fast sex’ it is fast sex that is good sex. This mean she will be satisfied, won’t feel objectified or embarrassed for having sex with you, in fact she will feel more like a woman if you do it right. That means you’ll feel like a man, a man that can be proud of his sexuality and proud of how he’s talking to women and proud of being sexual.