Season 3 – Lesson 32 – Coffee Break Spanish

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Coming up in this lesson: In lesson 32 we’re still concentrating on Colombian Spanish, and Mark and Carolina discuss the music and literature of Colombia, and typical Colombian expressions including the word paila. In the second act of this episode, Mark discusses impersonal verbs such as apetecer, gustar and falter. Please note that lesson 32 of Season 3 was originally known as lesson 332 of Coffee Break Spanish. We have renumbered the lessons of each season as lessons 1-40 to make things more simple for our listeners. Accessing the Premium Version The premium version of Coffee Break Spanish Season 3 provides additional materials which will help you move forward more effectively with your Spanish studies. The premium version includes the following elements: Full transcript: a complete transcript of all the Spanish used in the episodes;Explanations and examples: detailed explanations of the grammar points and idiomatic expressions covered in each lesson;Bonus audio lesson: a translation challenge where you are encouraged to translate sentences from English into Spanish and Spanish into English based on the words and phrases in each lessonBonus audio notes: notes for the bonus audio lesson. The members’ version can be accessed through our membership system. You can purchase the course using the links below. Season 3 Complete: Lessons 1-40 £79.00 GBP inc VAT / approx $112 USD ex VAT for non-EU customers)Season 3A: Lessons 1-20 £47.00 GBP inc VAT / approx $67 USD ex VAT for non-EU customers)Season 3B: Lessons 21-40 £47.oo GBP inc VAT / approx $67 USD ex VAT for non-EU customers)