- Six Figure Dog Business - Episode 39 How to be Famous and Get Paid!

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Today's show features PR Rockstar Melissa Cassera who shares some of the most concise information on how to get featured by local and national print, radio, and television. In this episode you'll learn: - Whether the media is interested in who you are or what you know - Simple ways to create hot story ideas that the media is basically begging for - How even the smallest business owner can get in touch with some of the largest media outlets to get their 'pitch' heard - What website is being used (and is free) that media outlets are using to search for experts just like you - The most important social media website that entrepreneurs are using to get the attention of the media - How to use the media to put cash in your pocket - So much more.

Take notes during this episode, this info can help put your business on the map.

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