Fly Fish Ohio presents the Chile Pepper streamer!

Aug 06 2010 10 mins   6
Welcome to the show for June 2010. Our fly this month is an import from Tierra del Fuego. The Chile Pepper is another "Killer" style of streamer. The Killer, which we first saw in the Mrs. Simpson of the last episode, is a pattern tied using cape or breast feathers tied parallel to the hook shank and veiling the body of the fly. The Chile Pepper uses the beautiful and unusual body feathers from the golden pheasant to create a fly that has a fiery inner glow. Try this pattern in size 4 or 6 for autumn brown trout or summer bass! The Chile Pepper will add some productive spice to your streamer book! If you'd like to see this video in high-definition, please join us at where you can download all our new patterns in 720p!