Fly Fish Ohio presents the Fatal Attraction!

Jun 30 2010 11 mins   4
Welcome to the show for May 2010. Our fly this month is a saltwater pattern created by Dan Blanton. Originally an adaptation of a West Coast salmon fly, Blanton created the original Fatal Attraction to serve as the fly rodders "rooster tail" all purpose attractor. Ward Bean, of Warm Water Fly Tyer reinterpreted the fly as a baby bluegill imitation. With the release of the "Firetiger" holographic flash, this pattern really has become a great imitaiton of a baby pumpkinseed sunfish, a ubiquitous warm water citizen. Fish this one all summer long for picky smallmouth and largemouth bass! If you'd like to see this video in high-definition, please join us at where you can download all our new patterns in 720p!