Ch. 10 - The Kingdom of David

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In this lesson, Carson begins with the ascension of Saul to the throne of kingship over all 12 tribes of Israel in the First Book of Samuel. However, due to Saul's repetitious sin, he loses not only his dynasty (his own son will not succeed him) but his kingship as well. We discover that the words Messiah and Christ are the Hebrew and Greek terms, respectively, for "the anointed one." When the king is installed in office, he is anointed with a flask of oil, and it is this anointing that makes him "the Messiah" or "the Christ." God chooses David, a young shepherd boy, to replace Saul, and eventually, when Saul dies at the hand of the Philistines in battle, the Tribe of Judah anoints David as their king. David reigned over Judah for 7 years and 6 months before the other 11 tribes of Israel decided to make David their king as well. David reigned another 33 years over all Israel. It was during this time that God entered into the Davidic Covenant with King David, which is one of the most important covenants of the Old Testament. David's dynasty would never end, no matter how sinful the Davidic King will be. Eventually, one day, Jesus will arise in the line of David to be anointed at his own baptism in the Jordan River as to ascend to the throne in his Ascension into Heaven. As an added bonus, we compare 2 Samuel 6 with Luke 1 to see how St. Luke the Evangelist portrays Mary as the New Ark of the New Covenant! So, tune in to this week's podcast and don't miss out on all there is to learn.