Age of the Zombies: Episode 5 - Eye of the Storm

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While the residents of Storm Haven go about their business... Jake and Steve come face to face with the group crying wolf. Featuring the voice talents of: Sidney Williams as Jake Thayer Glen Hallstrom as Steve Reynolds Kimberly West as Rebecca Chapman Jonathan Cooke as Joshua Moseley Alison Snowfender as Emberly Murphy Ryan West as Blaine Murphy Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Paige Peretti Chris Stadther as Marcus Cass McPhee as Kristy Babcock Monte Bratten as Derrick Warner Tyler Espositio as Sam Novack Kevin Powe as Jesse Schumann Dave Frizzell as the Narrator and The Zombies as themselves Music by: Kevin MacLeod Ambient Teknology Saros Human Response Written, Directed, and Produced by: Dave Frizzell Copyright 2009 Dave Frizzell and Necropolis Studio Productions visit us at