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This meditation can be practiced anytime you are in a situation where there are a number of people.
Imagine that the people all around you are perfect, perfect souls. Sadly the outer distractions of their lives stop them from feeling their real reality. But you can feel their magnificence.
Close your eyes and see yourself in heaven. Every one of these people around you are angels full of infinite love, peace and joy. For today they have clothed themselves like actors in a play, with silly soap-opera tragedies and events, just for fun. But you are meditating past those illusions and seeing their real reality. Feel their love. Feel their peace. Feel their joy. Radiate love to them and feel them radiating to you.
From time to time you can open your eyes if you like, and where your eyes are drawn to – silently offer your love and your awe at their magnificence. Offer them gratitude for them showing you the heaven you are in right now. When you are finished, without moving, silently, let your eyes roam to each person around you and bow and say to them inwardly and secretly “I love you”.
You should be smiling by now and rejoice and realize that heaven is here, now.