Matt Schlapp & Ned Ryun, Live From CPAC

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Feb 22 2018 33 mins   27
Ep. 102: Live From CPAC 2018 at National Harbor, MD. It's a Two-Fer! First we have a short discussion with the American Conservative Union's Chairman Matt Schlapp who oversees the annual largest conservative grassroots conference CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference. You see Matt everywhere fighting the good fight on cable news. We also welcome back to Whiskey Politics Ned Ryun, the Founder and CEO of American Majority, Inc., an organization devoted to identifying and training grassroots candidates for state and local elections. Ned was also a Presidential Writer for George W. Bush. Ned is also a frequent guest on every news channel including CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. Both Matt and Ned discuss the fight to keep Congress in 2018 and how the Right need to attract new voters and energize Conservative ones. Find Imprimis Magazine at . Follow Whiskey Politics on Ricochet and at, 'like' our Facebook page, follow Dave on Twitter and subscribe to iTunes where your 5-star rating will be greatly appreciated! Out Music: Born Free, Kid Rock