AvTalk Episode 2 – Jason Crawls Inside a Plane

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Mar 25 2017 22 mins   133
In Episode 2, Jason crawls inside a plane, we talk in circles about circular runways, wonder about the best job in aviation, and quickly preview the upcoming Aircraft Interiors Expo.
Jason Crawls Inside a Plane
Jason takes us to Malta where he spent the day with Lufthansa Technik at their MRO facility getting up close and personal with many places on the aircraft passengers don’t get to see.

Descending into the electronics and engineering bay of an A330. #LHTAvDays #AvGeek pic.twitter.com/NE1pb0b5RE
— Jason Rabinowitz (@AirlineFlyer) March 17, 2017

Aircraft Interiors Expo
We preview the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg that we’ll be visiting the first week of April. Episode 3 of AvTalk will come to you from the Expo’s show floor.
Circular Runways
We discuss Dutch researcher Henk Hesselink’s idea for an airports with massive circular runways. Without spoiling too much, this article from NYCAviation’s Phil Derner is a close approximation of our thoughts.
The Best Job in Aviation?
Mike Isler probably has the best job in aviation. But the lawn care tractor driver at Auckland airport is a close second. We ponder what other jobs might be out there.
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