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Apr 10 2018 93 mins   3.9k
In order to get where you want to go in work and life you need to learn. But how do we actually learn? How does the brain work? How can we accelerate our learning? To find out, Shane talks with Barbara Oakley(@barbaraoakley), who teaches the most popular massive open online course in the world, Learning How to Learn. If you’re interested in understanding how we learn and the strategies that you can use to learn better, you’ll want to give this a listen. Enjoy! *** For comprehensive show notes on this episode and more go to https://www.fs.blog/podcast/ My free weekly Brain Food digest helps you get better results through intelligent preparation and offers great reading recommendations. Don't miss out, sign up at https://www.fs.blog/newsletter/ Follow Shane on Twitter (https://twitter.com/farnamstreet) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/FarnamStreet/) to go to bed smarter than you woke up.