Low-code, no-code – that is the solution

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May 01 2018 74 mins   173

This show takes you into the building blocks of your Microsoft SharePoint intranet. It's about how SharePoint fits into your everyday work life. This week Hosts Mark Kashman and Chris McNulty discuss Low-Code / No-Code solutions, the meaning behind it, the trends, along with the benefits and repercussions. They explore various scenarios supported by Microsoft Flow and PowerApps. Special guests this week include SharePoint experts Asif Rehmani of VisualSP, and Tracy van der Schyff, Office Servers and Services MVP and SharePoint Coach and Catalyst.

Show Outline:

1. News & Announcements – 00:01:19:00

2. Topic of the Week: Low-code/No-code Solutions – 00:03:37:00

3. Guest Perspective with Tracy van der Schyff – 00:22:12:00

4. App / Best Practice of the Week – 00:45:20:00

5. Partner Highlight with Asif Rehmani – 00:47:08:00

6. FAQs of the Week – 01:00:41:00

7. Upcoming Events – 01:10:21:00

Additional Information and Resources:

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Tracy van der Schyff Site

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Asif Rehmani Site

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Tracy's #Microsoft365 Day 124 post: https://tracyvanderschyff.com/2018/02/22/create-a-contact-capturing-and-sharing-system-with-office-365/

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