118: Interview With Nicola Rinaldi

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May 02 2018 75 mins   28
Welcome back to Real Health Radio. My guest today is Nicola Rina. Nico has a PhD in computational biology from MIT. After graduating she worked for a biotechnology company while pursuing her dreams of a family, which were thwarted by a diagnosis of hypothalamic amenorrhea (no periods). Eighteen months of trying to conceive followed. She spent hours on research, using the knowledge gained to work on recovery. Concurrently, she tried the medical route to pregnancy, with multiple doctor visits, injections, and ultrasounds resulting only in failure. Ultimately, she was able to achieve a natural pregnancy. Since that time, Nicola has shared her knowledge of the path to recovery, helping hundreds of others achieve their dreams of womanhood and pregnancy. Here’s what we talk about in this podcast episode: 3:45 : A bit about Nicola and her history 7:45 : What is hypothalamic amenorrhea? 11:15 : How men can suffer from similar conditions 12:00 : The confusion between HA and PCOS 20:00 : How does someone know where their weight set point should be when trying to regain their period 26:00 : What happens is you make health improvements but still don't get your period back? 36:00 : Helpful supplements for getting your period back 39:45 : Is seed cycling helpful? 42:00 : How does exercise fit into the picture? 46:00 : Is it safe to resume intense exercise after your period has returned? 50:00 : Can you safely exercise while pregnant? 56:45 : Does having HA make you more susceptible to miscarriage? 1:02:30 : Can how your miscarriage is dealt with influence your later cycles? 1:04:15 : How long should you wait after a miscarriage to try to get pregnant again? 1:09:45 : Why Nicola decided to quit her full time job