Ep. 20 | Science of Asset Selection - The Buyer's Decision Quadrant

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Jul 16 2015 25 mins   346
There is a high chance that when you are looking to buy an investment property, you would already have a few factors to consider. This time on The Property Couch Podcast, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley discuss about these factors and how it can be a framework or rather the Science of Asset Selection which they called: The Buyer’s Decision Quadrant.
The whole concept is quite simple and most investors would have gone through this decision quadrant in one way or another. But the secret is understanding which part of the quadrant can be compromised and which part is absolutely non-negotiable. One thing to bear in mind is; finding an investment property that fits all the pieces of the quadrant is really slim and most of the time, you would need to compromise slightly. Listen to the podcast to find out more.
Also, The Property Couch is hoping to get nominated for the Investor’s Choice Award 2015 for the category: Property Educator/Mentor. We would like to spread the word out on the podcast so that we can help more people avoid making bad investment choices and avoid buying the wrong asset. So if you think we are doing a good job, please do nominate us here.
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