EP021 – A Pop Collectors Alliance Guide to SDCC

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May 05 2018 71 mins   7
Are you planning on attending SDCC 2018? Well you’ve come to the right place my friends. This episode Rick and Piper spill the beans on all the ways you can leave SDCC 2018 with tons of Pop! with the Novice Series Volume 4: A Pop Collectors Alliance Guide to SDCC. The good news for collectors is you don’t always need SDCC passes to get great Pop! They also discuss their weekly pickups, weekly announcements, and a new awesome program called the Pop Collectors Alliance ELITE. Join us next week for Novices Series Volume 5: Navigating Facebook to Build your Pop! Collection.
Pops for Tots! Cooks Children Hospital Fort Worth Funko Pop Drive. Send donations to our PO box or donate via the website, all money will be used to purchase items to help out kids that are going through a rough time. Donations close on June 10th. Mail Donations to:
Pop Collectors Alliance PO Box 150490 Fort Worth, Texas 76108
Live Pop Swap!!!!! The First Ever!!!!
Pop Collectors Alliance Presents a LIVE Pop Swap Event!!!
Saturday June 9th, 2018 2 – 8 PM at Keller Pointe
405 Rufe Snow Dr, Keller, TX 76248
Swappers: Tables are $10 each (with a 2 table max)
Admission: $5 Per Adult, Kids under 12 are FREE (Your $5 Admission comes with Raffle tickets)
Tons of Games and Raffles, Arcade, Food and an all around good time.
Make this event a historic moment in the Pop Collectors Alliance history!
Swappers interested in tables contact Tiffany @ [email protected]
Pop Collectors Alliance ELITE!!!!!!
If you would like to hear more about the Pop Collectors Alliance ELITE Program email us: [email protected]
Novice Series Volume 4: A Pop Collectors Alliance Guide to SDCC
Based on inputs from our Patreon Community this topic was selected this week to replace the Finding Pop on Facebook.
I know SDCC is about 2 months away but with all the talks and hints of SDCC pops…. It seems like the perfect time to have this discussion.
Most people think, If I don’t get tickets to SDCC or Fundays what is there really left for me to get. Well I’m here to tell you there are tons of Pop Related things to do outside of the convention hall!!!
First let’s talk about the Funko Lottery at SDCC

* If you were lucky enough to get passes into SDCC CONGRATS now the wait is….. well not over…… because you will be waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting to get hopefully win the lottery with a time.
* Funko has line that is marked just outside of Hall H at SDCC and yes people were waiting 24 hours almost every day to get in there.

* This does not! I repeat does not get you a spot in the Funko Booth Line only the opportunity to be entered in the Funko Lottery.
* A ton of people stop at this point and say wait….. We have to wait in a line to see if we can wait in a line that also poses the risk of not getting super exclusive items especially if they are sold out. Sadly the answer is yes.
* Funko set’s up a live lottery at SDCC this forces you to wait in line as they call people up to enter and see if they were selected for that specific day.

* If not selected they tell you to move on……
* If selected HOORAY you get assigned a time to get Pop!

* Once in the line depending on what time of the day your assignment is you fill out the form they provide you for the times you want, approach the booth and hand it over to the sales person and they give you everything you asked for.

* NOTE: Check for damage there just like you would anywhere else, if there is damage tell them you would like to exchange the pop.
* Beware of resellers, flippers and collectors willing to benefit off of others in line that may not be purchasing everything to get extra items to sell.