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Sep 06 2016 56 mins   159
Join Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he hosts Mary Joyce. A long time journalist and author who has written several books including, "Cherokee Little People Were Real" and"Underground Military Bases Hidden in the North Carolina Mountains", Mary is also editor of the website Skyships Over Cashiers, which among other things, details UFO activity in the area.

Many of us who have waded deep into the weird forest have inevitably come across stories of aliens, UFOs, and secret military bases in the southwestern United States. Whether it be crashed saucers in Roswell, secret underground other worldly battles at Dulce, or a doomsday safe haven for the elite underneath the Denver airport, the western frontier is ripe with weirdness. Digging into the archives of early America, there is plenty of evidence giants once walked these lands, and confirmation found throughout dozens and dozens of newspaper reports and Native American legends that state the same.

While many people have their spotlight shining on the New Mexico Desert, they're missing all the sweet, similarly secretive stuff going on in the polar opposite of the country, the mountains of North Carolina. And while giants dominate the narrative of other ancient humanoids, the lesser discussed Download episode Share