Whiskey Politics, Ep. 121: Nonie Darwish: Infidel, Apostate, Warrior, and Arab (For Israel)

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May 13 2018 71 mins   43

Ep: 121 - Nonie Darwish is a human rights activist, founded the group Arabs For Israel, is an outspoken, fierce advocate for reforming Islam’s authoritarian ideology, has called for stricter immigration laws on Muslim and Arab immigrants and to stop multiculturalism. Nonie has been featured on many news channels and written articles, was awarded the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute "Woman of Exceptional Courage" Award and is the author of several books including Now They Call Me Infidel and her latest, Wholly Different, Why I Chose Biblical Value Over Islamic Values.

Nonie is an unlikely supporter of Israel. Born in Cairo, Egypt and raised in Gaza, her Father was killed by the IDF. Nonie attended Islamic schools where she learned Jihad before becoming an “Infidel” and Apostate by leaving Islam.

This wide-ranging discussion covers assimilation in Europe, Sharia Law, how Leftist politics have caused the balkanization of moderate Muslims, why Nonie believes the Left in the West has embraced Islam to use as a tool to eradicate biblical values, and of course the Israel/Palestinian conflict, The Iran Deal and the future of the Middle East.

Nonie can be found on Twitter @TheNonieDarwish and Facebook.

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