Episode 64

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Sep 07 2011 35 mins   11
Welcome to another episode of the Dad’s Army podcast. This time out, we take a look at A Man of Action, an episode broadcast in late 1974. With Mainwaring imposing martial law on Walmington after a bomb severs vital communications, the residents pull together and respond by acquiescing to a string of measures put in place to keep the community going. Looters are threatened with being shot! Join James and Oliver as they look at this episode in the light of the unrest seen across the UK a few weeks ago and compare how communities separated by fifty years respond differently to hardship. And how precisely did Pike get his head out of the park gate?! These, and other burning issue are discussed in this month’s episode! Send your feedback to [email protected] or [email protected] – follow us on Twitter www.twitter.com/dadsarmypodcast or www.twitter.com/olivercrocker Enjoy the show.