Folge 23 - Trine Hahnemann (Hahnemanns Køkken, Kopenhagen) / english episode

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Jul 12 2018 52 mins   50
Chef owner and author Trine Hahnemann has written 19 cookbooks and leads her own catering company and restaurant/ cooking school in the danish capital and food metropolis Copenhagen. But Trine also has strong political opinions: For choleric behaviour, sexist and racist comments she has a zero-tolerance policy in her company which applies not only for her employees but also for customers. The gender ratio within her company is 50:50 male/ female. In conversation with Sophia this impressive woman opens up about the impact and importance of #metoo, the evolution of the cookbook market, sustainability, eating habits, feminism, the up- and downsides of her hippie childhood as well as culinary inspirations and childhood memories from the danish countryside. Trines Restaurant Hahnemanns Køkken: A TedTalk Trine did about bread baking/ bread culture/ biodiversity: A few of Trine's books have also been published in German, such as " 100 Wohlfühlgerichte - HYGGE" or "Skandinavisch Kochen", you can get/ order them in every bookshop - support your local bookshop!