Ross Douthat; An insiders view of The New York Times

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Jul 26 2018 24 mins   94

Ep. 132 - New York Times Columnist Ross Douthat joins #WhiskeyPolitics with Dave Sussman at Freedom Fest to draw the curtain back on perceived bias at The New York Times. Ross and Dave discuss the decline of journalism, why many NY Times readers believe the paper isn't HARD ENOUGH on Trump and both the FBI and the Justice Department. They finish with Ross's recommended movie you should see in 2018.

Ross's columns appear every Wednesday and Sunday. Previously, he was a senior editor at The Atlantic and a blogger for He is the author of “Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics,” published in 2012, and “Privilege: Harvard and the Education of the Ruling Class” (2005), and a co-author, with Reihan Salam, of “Grand New Party: How Republicans Can Win the Working Class and Save the American Dream” (2008). He is the film critic for National Review.

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Filmed at #FreedomFest18.

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