Episode 01: Looking for the truth in AirBnB reviews

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Jun 14 2018 34 mins   8
So - you’re booking a trip, and have decided to use AirBnB to find your accommodations. You put in your destination, your dates, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need; and you get back a couple of places that all fit what you’re looking for. You’re trying to decide which one to pick, but almost all of them have a slew of 5-star ratings. How do you know which place is going to be the best? It turns out, review comments may reveal more than the 5-star ratings that each of these properties has. In this episode, The Trip Doctor interviews Dr. Camilla Vasquez about her article titled: “If nearly all Airbnb reviews are positive, does that make them meaningless?” in the journal Current Issues in Tourism. In her analysis of the language people use in their AirBnB reviews, she made some interesting discoveries.