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Jan 27 2017 13 mins   22
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STORY SHARE: Mr. Blazier Made Me Laugh - [WWII Stories] This episode is from the Interview Girl Foundation’s WWII Stories series. Soon the Interview Girl Foundation will be releasing a book called: Chasing Time. This book is a compilation of stories from individuals who lived through WWII. Chasing Time shares the stories of WWII vets from the army, navy, and air force, holocaust survivors, nurses, Pows, liberators of concentration camps, and many others. A millennial (Victoria) asked all of these members of the WWII generation what they learned from living through WWII. Chasing Time is a compilation of these WWII stories. To find out when Chasing Time will be released, visit the website: chasingtime.us CHECK OUT: 1.) The Interview Girl FOUNDATION: http://InterviewGirl.org/ 2.) Interview Girl On YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/MsToriStory 3.) Victoria's New BOOK: http://www.amazon.com/Because-Medicine-Ran-Out-InterviewGirl-com/dp/0692297138/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1438041469&sr=1-1&keywords=because+the+medicine+ran+out 4.) DOCUMENTARY Film About WWII Coming Soon: http://chasingtime.us/ The Interview Girl Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving others and making a difference in this world by eliminating miseries that others experience. Stories, advice, interviews, and content are shared for the purpose of helping others (eliminating misery). Every project completed helps a different cause. People throughout the world experience various miseries and each product produced at the Interview Girl Foundation aids someone who is experiencing misery. The Interview Girl Foundation is a DO-GOOD organization that uses STORIES to achieve SOCIAL GOOD. http://InterviewGirl.org/ JOIN THE 7-DAY STORY CHALLENGE TODAY!: http://interviewgirl.org/stories/