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Aug 22 2018 76 mins   94

Enterprise video is on the rise. It's keeping employees, customers and business partners engaged and informed. Today, we talk about how video integrates into our daily work habits with Microsoft's Stream Team. Mark and Chris also talk with Microsoft customer Wavemaker and their partner AddIn365 about planning and deploying their one stop shop intranet site, Work Hub. See photos of guests and read more about the episode on the SharePoint Tech Community Blog.

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  1. Show Intro
  2. Topic of the Week – Microsoft Stream – 00:04:30:00
  3. App of the Week – 00:27:43:00
  4. Guest Perspective – Wavemaker + AddIn365 – 00:31:43:00
  5. FAQs of the Week – 01:16:18:00
  6. Upcoming Events – 01:13:30:00
  7. Show Wrap / Outro – 01:17:35:00


Wavemaker's Work Hub Office 365

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