Leigh Sales: "There’s lots of different ways people can get through."

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Oct 05 2018 25 mins   3
The day that turns a life upside down usually starts like any other, but what happens the day after? Dual Walkley Award-winner Leigh Sales investigates how ordinary people endure the unthinkable. As a journalist, Leigh Sales often encounters people experiencing the worst moments of their lives in the full glare of the media. But one particular string of bad news stories – and a terrifying brush with her own mortality – sent her looking for answers about how vulnerable each of us is to a life-changing event. What are our chances of actually experiencing one? What do we fear most and why? And when the worst does happen, what comes next? Warm, candid and empathetic, this book is about what happens when ordinary people, on ordinary days, are forced to suddenly find the resilience most of us don’t know we have. Books mentioned in this podcast: Any Ordinary Day by Leigh Sales —> https://bit.ly/2DbhiqH Hosts: John Purcell and Robert O’Hearn Guest: Leigh Sales