Chapter 24: If I Had to Pick a Killer...

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Oct 17 2018 28 mins   340
In this episode, Project Cyclops takes us to a live performance of the If I Had to Pick a Killer podcast.
Cast List:
Narrator - Keith David
Katie Reed - Brynn Langford
Agent Han Ziggler - Denis O'Hare
Gina - Constance Zimmer
Kathy - Missi Pyle
Jane Doe - Maya Lord
Detective Tyree - Lauren Tyree
Ralph - Alex Aldea
Anna Sutton - Michelle Visage
Written by Alex Aldea and C.K. Walker

Additional writing by Lauren Tyree.

Directed, Edited, and Produced by Alex Aldea and Victor Figueroa.

Music composed by Andrew Joselyn.

Foley and Sound Design: Victor Figueroa and Alex Aldea.

Crowd sounds recorded at RuPaul's DragCon NYC.

This episode is sponsored by Bombas.