Marisela Morales PhD

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Oct 04 2018 43 mins   17
Marisela Morales (NIDA) discusses the anatomical and functional complexity of VTA projections, including the distinctive synaptic architecture of dual GABAergic glutamatergic synapses in the habenula, and the indispensability of electron microscopy for understanding the diversity of brain circuits.

Duration: 43 minutes

Discussants:(in alphabetical order)
Carlos Paladini (Professor, UTSA)
Salma Quraishi (Research Asst Prof, UTSA)
Todd Troyer (Assoc Prof, UTSA)
Matt Wanat (Asst Prof, UTSA)
Charles Wilson (Ewing Halsell Chair, UTSA)

acknowledgement: JM Tepper for original music.