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Nov 07 2018 54 mins   3
Brian Keane is an online fitness trainer hailing from the west of Ireland. He is author of the Amazon best-selling book, the fitness mindset and hosts the no.1 rated health and fitness podcast in Ireland & the UK. He is the proud owner of Brian Keane Fitness, a company that serves thousands of people each year through their online fitness programmes. Brian is also just a normal guy trying to make his and the life of others around him better. I first came across his material during an ambiguous time in my life. Rejected from medicine for the 4th time, the mindset side of his material really helped me get over the opinions of others and staying focused on the task at hand. Working as a primary school teacher in London with a chid on the way, Brian, feeling totally unfulfilled, decided to pack it all in. In this podcast he explains about going broke TWICE, hitting rock bottom and the many failures he had before making it to the top. We speak about our type A personalities and the inability to appreciate the moment by always looking too far into the future which only leads to feelings of anxiety. We discuss money and if it truly is the be all end all. We dissect what it means to be a Dad and the pressures it brings but also how much perspective it affords a person. Finally, we chat about his astounding 250 kiliometer run through the Sahara desert and how a guy who hates running was able to finish it.