013: Nights, Chimera, Auction! part 1

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Aug 07 2018 83 mins   8
Episode 13 starts our new arc, Nights, Chimera, Auction! Our group of “heroes” have found some new potential friends who immediately got rid of them by sending your favorite adventurers on a dangerous adventure to the Night Market! We had two awesome guests this episode, Kelrick and Kenny from ExQueerience Points, a Starfinder actual play podcast with an all-queer cast. Check out their show on http://exqueeriencepoints.com/ ! If you’re interested in helping make PodCon happen, you can check them out here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/podcon-2-community And you can listen to Feminerd ep 018: Jessica Goes to PodCon! here: https://soundcloud.com/btapodcasts/feminerd-podcon