009 - Tuppeny - Reached FI at 50 on a moderate salary

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Nov 09 2018 60 mins   16
Today I'm so pleased to introduce Tuppeny from TuppenysFireplace. She shares her amazing story from a teenage single mum to becoming financially independant at 50. This is even more impressive when you learn she has never been a big earner and never paid higher rate tax. You can contact Tuppeny on twitter https://twitter.com/tuppennysfirep2 or via her blog https://tuppennysfireplace.com/ UK FI Pod - Season 1 Episode 9. www.ukfipod.space/009 This is a low budget one-woman show - I am producing one series as a proof of concept. So please let me know what you think. All feedback and comments are welcome - please drop me an email on [email protected] Let me know if you want to be interviewed, or you have a question you'd like explored on the podcast.