Episode #31: Call Me Perfect, with Natalie Grigson

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Feb 23 2017 46 mins   13
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Today, Jonathan once again welcomes Psychedelic Parenting's favorite author, Natalie Grigson. Natalie is the author of the amazing title Just Call Me Is, which we helped to sponsor on Kickstarter. Natalie is now launching another campaign for the sequel, Call Me Perfect , which is currently 1/2 way funded with about 2 weeks to go. Call Me Perfect approaches body image and identity with the same gentle touch that Just Call Me IS brought to mindfulness. In this conversation, Jonathan and Natalie talk about the new book, and how Natalie's own psychedelic experiences helped her heal from a childhood eating disorder. Jonathan also discusses some of the struggles with identity and body image that led to the recent gap in podcast creation. Enjoy. Get Full Program Notes at: http://www.psychedelicparenting.org/psychedelic-parenting-podcast-31/