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Nov 12 2018 16 mins   307
What type of sounds do you want featured in the upcoming episodes of the "Sleep Meditation Podcast"? For longer sleep meditations follow our curated playlists on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer here: www.asmrsleeptriggers.com Follow our relaxing playlists for: - Longer playlists (hours long). - Updated weekly. - Tailor-made for calm and relaxing sleep. Your feedback is super important for the type of content we will make in the future. Drop us a line in the podcast notes. If you value this podcast we appreciate if you would give us a written review or share it with a sleepy friend. Thank you so much! Your feedback will help us make better episodes in the future. For any other feedback, drop us a line here: www.asmrsleeptriggers.com/feedback New Sleep App: The sound engineering team behind ASMR Sleep Triggers are at the moment developing a new sleep meditation app for iPhone (iOS). LIMITED-TIME OFFER - TRY OUR UPCOMING SLEEP APP FOR FREE. SIGN UP NOW: www.asmrsleeptriggers.com/#sleep-app-section (Planned release, spring 2019, only iOS). 10 Tips For Better Sleep: 1. Use a bedtime alarm. Stick to a consistent sleep schedule and calm down before bedtime. 2. Use the bed only for sleep. (not for work or TV). 3. Cut down on caffeine. 4. Be physically active. 5. Limit daytime naps. 6. If you use tobacco in any form, quit. 7. Use alcohol cautiously. 8. Improve your sleep surroundings. 9. If you're still awake after about 20 minutes in bed, get up and read awhile to relax. 10. Avoid taking sleeping pills. Sweet dreams!