Hold the Dark (2018)

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Nov 14 2018 44 mins   33
It's episode 168 and what happened here, happened to me. Hold the Dark (2018) tells the story of Russell - an expert in wolves. Russell is summoned to Alaska to investigate some wolves who have been taking children - and ends up in the middle of something nobody could have seen coming. We talk about the risks of being instantly boiled to death; the importance of choosing your suppliers wisely, and equally the importance of questioning a brief. Whatever happens, one thing's for sure: Your daddy wanted wolf's oil - for you. Do you know that? He said you was "unnatural." That was his word. Unnatural. Next week, Gareth Evans' 2018 laugh-fest Apostle, which is available on Netflix. Get in touch! [email protected] Follow us on Twitter! @HowToSurvivePod