08: Gregg Berger the Voice Of Kraven & Mysterio

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Feb 22 2018 103 mins   7
This week, Will returns to the show and discusses what he is up to in his world as a comic book artist, whilst also moaning about his dog. Alex shares his interview with the extremely talented voice actor, Gregg Berger. Who voiced the roles of both Kraven and Mysterio on Spider-Man the Animated Series, as well having an endless list of recognisable characters that he has voiced over the course of his career. Gregg talks about how he got the roles and which one he got first. He also reflects on why he thinks the show is still going strong to this day and the joy he had working in the sound booth with so many talented actors. Our hosts also chat about their Star Wars VR experience, along with their separate Valentine's Day experiences and play their usual games towards the end of the episode. It's another web slinger of an episode and one you don't want to miss. Enjoy, Web-Heads!