WDYKYA? #020: All About Sex Toys w/ Erotic Boudoir!

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Nov 14 2018 45 mins   28
In this episode, we interview the daughter half of a mother/daughter sex toy selling duo, Nik. They are based in Philadelphia and host kink, fetish, and sexuality events in their community. Nik shares with us her open. honest, and non-judgmental upbringing and how it led to being in the sex toy business. Both Nik and her mother encourage folks to pursue their desires without guilt or shame. If you’re like us and like clitoral stimulation, listen for some sex toy recommendations. Follow the knowledgeable duo to learn more about sex toys and especially if you live in Philly! #GonzoPorn #Threesomes #SexToys #Gangbangs #Kink #Sex #BDSM Learn more about Erotic Boudoir below: Instagram: erotic_boudoir Website: touchingbodymindsoul.com eroticboudoir1.com Email: [email protected] ------------------------------------ Email us your questions, comments, and stories at
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