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Sep 14 2018 51 mins   483

Cet épisode de La Poudre a été publié en français le 12 janvier 2017. Pour l’écouter, remontez dans les archives ou cliquez ici : 🇫🇷.

In this episode, Leïla Slimani recalls her childhood and her teenage years under Hassan II’s reign in Morocco (04:13), depicts the absolute space of freedom literature is to her (30:22), the importance of « bourgeois bohemian’s » values while conservatism rises in Europe (31:27), the myth of maternal instinct (34:44), being a woman in a public space (44:51) and her room of one’s own (48:03).

Leïla Slimani is a writer born in Rabat in 1981. Her second novel, « Lullaby », has received the Goncourt Prize in october 2016. On November 2017, French president Emmanuel Macron nominated her ambassador of Francophonie. Before becoming an acclaimed writer, Leïla Slimani graduated from Science-Po and became a journalist for the pan-african magazine Jeune Afrique. She published her very first book in 2014, « Dans le jardin de l’ogre » (Gallimard), as well as an essay on moroccan women and men’s sexualities entitled « Sexe et mensonges. La vie sexuelle au Maroc », in september 2017.

Executive producer : Nouvelles Écoutes

Production and signature tune : Aurore Meyer-Mahieu

English voice-over : Myriam Ajar

Production assistant : Zisla Tortello

Recording and mixing : L’Arrière Boutique Studio