Jean Bradley - March 25th 1993

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Nov 15 2018 64 mins   23
Jean Bradley – 25th March 1993 This episode is the last in an accidental trilogy. I didn’t set out with the idea of doing another mini-series on the senseless deaths of women of a similar status at the hands of another angry and violent man who is evading justice to this day, but they have all, at one time or another been tenuously linked by the popular press with each other. Janice Weston was murdered changing a tyre by a roadside, near her car. Penny Bell was viciously murdered in her car. Both were successful thoroughly modern women whose murders had a connection involving a car. The Modus Operandi of the two attackers was quite different, although it seems likely that both women knew their own killer, but the car is not the linking feature, and the two cases ended up being disentangled in the press over the coming months, but some ideas linger, no matter how incorrect they are. There is a striking difference between the linking of Janice and Penny, and that of Penny and the subject of today’s appeal. There’s even a suspect shared between them, but the suspect is stronger in today’s episode than the link to Penny’s murder. She, like Penny and Janice was a successful business woman high up in her field. Another woman killed by an angry man by her car. ….. A little house keeping. I’m going to have to take a small break, the unremitting wall of human effluent that is the stock and trade of true-crime can be a bit much, and my immune system is having one of its more active periods. In combination, this too much right now. Living with an autoimmune/autoinflammatory condition is a real pain in the neck, and my body needs a little recovery time. I’m hoping to be back by the start of December. When I come back, I’m hoping to begin including a few podcast promos for other shows. What would be the preferred place for them to go? Let me know below. Thanks for listening, take care and keep sharing these appeals, please.