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Nov 11 2018 3 mins   54

Welcome to Coruscant Nights, an actual play Star Wars RPG podcast set during the Clone Wars era.

Coruscant Nights is a Star Wars Actual Play podcast. When we say Actual Play, we mean what you’re hearing is, more or less, the game as it happened. We sit down for small-group RPG sessions that take between three and five hours. They’re then edited for time and sometimes content, music and sound effects are added, and then they’re sent off to you.

Coruscant is a big city, filled with every type of person imaginable. One of our goals on Coruscant Nights is to bring the table top role playing experience to people who haven’t played that kind of game before. We think that people of every age, gender, race, nationality, and ability should be able to have the experience that we as ttrpg players and game masters have all the time.

Coruscant Nights isn’t just one person’s story. Unlike a lot of other Actual Play podcasts, Coruscant Nights isn’t just a single ongoing story following a single protagonist or group of protagonists. On Coruscant Nights we start a new arc of episodes every few weeks. I hope looking at our podcast feed isn’t too daunting, but if you’re looking for a good place to start, here are three of our most popular episodes, each the first in their arcs.


Clip 1: Maryl Katunka

Clip 2: Jon Shondongas

Clip 3: Stassis and Trassk

Clip 4: Zee and Anya

Clip 5: Yal Vindo

Clip 6: Karp and Chloren


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