Is the PA Enforcing Israel’s Occupation of the West Bank? A Conversation with Nadia Hijab

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Nov 15 2018 24 mins   7
Why are the values enmeshed in the vision of a "Free Palestine" so absent in the actual governance of the Palestinian Territories? Democracy, transparency, freedom, equality are all totally absent from the ways Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) respectively rule over Gaza and the West Bank. Al Bawaba spoke with Nadia Hijab, co-founder of Al-Shabaka to understand why this schism exists. Hijab emphasizes the role Palestine's civil society organizations can have in resistance, but for precisely how they mobilize and towards what end, there is no easy answer. They appear to be choked from outside and from within, with a military occupation treating them as potential terrorists on one end, and a rapacious, restrictive provisional authority who sees them as a saboteurs to a fragile sense of order on the other.