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Sep 10 2018 66 mins   295

Cet épisode de La Poudre a été publié en français le 9 février 2017. Pour l’écouter, remontez dans les archives ou cliquez ici : 🇫🇷.

In this episode, Amandine Gay recalls her childhood in the countryside and her adoptee status (04:28), talks about the readings that helped her become a woman (12:20), the great significance of adoption in her personal construction (16:40), black women’s representation in the medias and society in general (20:35), how creation allows her to distance herself from her existential wounds (35:25), and what burlesque dancing has added to her life (40:40). She also talks about french edition of bell hooks’ “Ain’t I a women” of which she wrote the foreword, and reads an extract of the book (45:35), fetichization of black teenagers bodies (47:15), her feeling towards Speak up’s warm reception (1:02:40) and the calm she found in Montreal (1:06:01).

Amandine Gay is a director, essayist, activist, and one of the leading figures of afro-feminism in France. While developing her second sociology master’s degree on trans-racial adoption, she directed and produced independently her first documentary, “Speak up” in which she interviewed 24 black women from France and Belgium. After its release in october 2017, “Speak up” was broadcasted for more than 5 weeks in France, and obtained national broadcasts in Canada, Great-Britain, Switzerland and Belgium. Amandine Gay graduated from Sciences-Po Lyon, and studied aboriginal studies in Australia before integrating the Academy of Dramatic Art of Paris in 2008. She ended up behind the camera, and started writing short programs for television as well as a very political blog. She then co-authored a play, “Silence”, before going into exile in Montreal, where she still lives today.

Executive producer : Nouvelles Écoutes

Production and signature tune : Aurore Meyer-Mahieu

English voice-over : Margeaux Lampley

Production assistant : Zisla Tortello

Recording and mixing : L’Arrière Boutique Studio